Happy Clients

I am so pleased with my insurance company & my insurance advisor, Priya Tailor.

My husband and I purchased a home last year and required mortgage insurance. The bank we were dealing with had quoted roughly $128 per month for the insurance which would cover just the mortgage amount and for myself only. I went through full medical underwriting as well and even though my medical tests showed that I was in great health, I was still being quoted over-priced, monthly payments for the insurance.

I met with Priya Tailor & her thorough knowledge and honesty impressed me. She took the time to explain everything. She was very patient with my husband & I as we had many questions.

We proceeded with a Term Insurance application based on her recommendations and I am now paying less than HALF of what I was quoted at the bank and am insured for double the amount of coverage. The coverage amount not only looks after the mortgage, but other personal needs as well.

The best part was that after completing the medical requirements, the insurance company offered a lower premium based on my health – Priya had advised us that this would be a great possibility for me after I had told her of our healthy lifestyle.

We are so happy to be with Facet Advisors Wealth Strategies….a company that cares about their clients & wants the very best for them.

Roxshana M.

I was always one of those individuals that spoke highly of Critical Illness coverage, however, did not have any coverage myself. Being in the Banking industry, I always tell my clients about the benefits of insurance, especially Critical Illness. Having CI coverage is crucial; it feels like every day we hear about people being diagnosed with some sort of illness. For me, it took a personal tragedy to finally meet and speak with Priya to discuss my options.

In February 2009, my father was diagnosed with ALS. He, unfortunately, lost his battle with this illness in 2012. It was a shock as he was a very healthy individual and this experience really made me realize that me being diagnosed with some sort of illness at some point in my lifetime is a reality.

It was important for me to protect myself and my young family. I met with Priya and she listened to my needs and provided me excellent advice. She took into consideration what I wanted and not what she wanted for me. I purchased my CI coverage based on what works best for me and my family.

I now have peace of mind, that if I do get sick, my family won’t have to worry about expenses, because my coverage is in place.

Harj B.

I met Priya Tailor in the Spring of 2016.

She was recommended to me as a Facet Advisors Insurance Agent by Darren Millard (CEO of Facet Advisors). Priya orchestrated the issuance of an additional Life Insurance Policy for me at that time.

Since then Priya has periodically provided me with information on other available Insurance products and has also provided members of my Family with helpful Insurance advice. With input from Priya I am better informed on the principles and details related to my Life Insurance coverage and I am more aware of other Insurance coverages options available (ie: Disability Insurance.) I have found Priya to be pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable in her field and professional in her approach to her business. I would recommend Priya Tailor to anyone who is looking for assistance, or services within her field.

Danny GallagherPresident

Priya is really the best! I wasn’t familiar with the insurance process at all, and Priya walked me through every step and made it really user friendly and easy. She is always there for every question or concern, always going above and beyond to make sure that all understood correctly, and all the steps are clear. I truly believe that in our days, it is not easy to find a service provider that will be always on your side, and Priya is a proof that they still exist. Definitely one of a kind! I will strongly recommend her as an insurance advisor.

Darya Savin